Located in picturesque Vail, CO. set against the backdrop of the famous Vail Ski Resort, Local Joe's Pizza and Delivery's goal is to provide the best pizza at a great value that everyone can afford. Whether its winter and your skiing or snowboarding or its summer and you hike, golf, raft or mountain bike, Local Joe's Pizza and Delivery will satisfy the hunger of anyone that has worked up a Rocky Mountain appetite. We welcome you to come in and try the great food served at our pizzeria.

There are several levels to creating the perfect pizza. The crust, the perfect balance of ingredients, and the right presentation must all come together cohesively. Since 2008, Local Joe’s Pizza and Delivery has been presenting the population of Vail, Colorado with tasty pizza options that keep them coming back every day.

Meeting the daily hankerings of our diverse clientele, we have kept abreast with the different taste buds that walk through our doors while still enchanting the Local's with their favorites.

Despite having such a vast diversity of people to cater to, Local Joe’s Pizza and Delivery has remained the most famous pizza in Vail, Colorado.

Our Services


Our aim is to ensure anyone, who has a craving for a Local Joe’s Pizza and Delivery, gets it. As such, we cater to everyone within the Vail area, even late into the night. Whether you want your pizza delivered in East Vail or Eagle Vail, you can rely on our delivery services that run seven days a week until 2 A.M.

Apart from serving the best pizza, we are also known as the best pizza delivery in Vail, Colorado.

Our Vision

There are few basic things that govern our thinking here at Local Joe’s Pizza and Delivery. They include:

  • Quality - This compels us to prepare the tastiest pizza in Vail using only the choicest ingredients available.

  • Our word - It is what keeps us relevant. The undertaking to provide our customers with such a memorable dining experience that they are truly satisfied transcends the food.

  • Our promise - This reminds us that our clients expect us to deliver hot and fresh pizzas by the stipulated time. Asking customers to allow us to deliver pizzas to them anywhere in Vail is the basis for this promise.

  • Our team - The friendly faces of our staff, the ambience of our pizzeria, and the quality of our service keeps customers coming back again and again.

The Customer

At Local Joe’s Pizza and Delivery, we relish the opportunity to connect and make memories with our customers.

We realize that our customers are the backbone of our business. As such, we strive to keep them happy and engaged to better our services and better serve them.

We believe the customer who walks through our doors has a discerning palate with refined taste. You want to have a memorable pizza that goes well with the drink of your choice. Our pizza toppings are put together to form a tasty blend that agrees to exist with each other.

We know that nothing undermines the beauty of a pizza more than a soggy crust laden with disagreeable ingredients.

Our Food

The Menu

With a menu containing only the finest ingredients, it is no wonder Local Joe’s Pizza has the best pizza. Our ingredients are sourced from quality suppliers to ensure that the pizza you get is superior to anything else in Vail, CO. We serve you with the freshest meats and vegetables ensuring that you have an experience that you will come back for again and again..

We offer delicious appetizers, fresh salads tossed to your liking with dressings served on the side, sandwiches served toasted on sub rolls, signature pizzas, and desserts. You are free to get creative with your food at Local Joe’s Pizza and Delivery so you can also choose to make your own pizza and sandwiches. You get to choose:

  • a sauce
  • a topping or as many toppings as you like

Happy Hour

Local Joe’s Pizza and Delivery is synonymous to hearty meals and refreshing drinks.
We serve drinks from the time we open our doors to the time we close them. Our happy hour turns into happy hours.
Our cozy little dining room at the Vail Run Resort in Sandstone also has a full bar to cater to the tastes of both visitors and locals.

Our Timing

We are open seven days a week from Monday to Sunday.
Our hours are from 11 A.M. to 2 A.M.

Come for more than a pizza – come for an experience!